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The Holy Cross Family

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Established: 19 November, 1944
Diocese: Karnataka Central Diocese
Affiliated to the Church Of South India

Formation and Consolidation

A thousand mile journey begins with the first step. Holy Cross has journeyed a long way in its evolution. Over a span of more than six decades she has grown from a simple hutment-style church into a magnificent modern structure.

On 19th November 1944 the first recorded Christian worship began in the Jalahalli area when, due to the needs of World War II, almost the whole of the Jalahalli area was acquired by the British Defence Forces and was designated as a Hospital Town for defence personnel wounded in the fighting in Burma and the Middle East. Many of the wounded were flown in and landed on an airstrip in Jalahalli West. They were cared for in newly built hutments constructed by Italian Prisoners of War in pre-independent India. The spiritual needs of the staff and wounded were ministered to by Army Chaplains of various denominations. The Holy Cross functioned as a simple chapel for nearly quarter of a century.

Growing Beyond

On April 13, 2003, a bigger church building was necessitated as the congregation had grown. The congregation members took on the challenge of raising funds with even the smallest Sunday school tiny tots whole heartedly pitching in with preparing programs to present at other churches on a drive to mobilise support. In 2006, the old Sunday school building and sexton’s quarters were replaced by a new block housing the church office and accommodation for the sexton’s family.

Holy Cross stands out as being the only Church in the Jalahalli area running its worship service in English catering to the spiritual needs of a congregation of diverse languages and cultures. She has also established a healthy tradition of electing the pastorate committee by consensus all these years. She has been the mother church for many congregations in the area. Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam congregations used its premises for many years before they built their own churches./p>

The Holy Cross spirit has always been one of camaraderie and family bonds. This has allowed her to grow from strength to strength, always keeping herself abreast of the times.