The Holy Cross Family

Read on to know more about the different fellowships in our church.

Sunday Service at 9:00 a.m.
Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.
Communion on all Sundays
Praise & worship on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of every month

Men's Fellowship

“The way you change the heart of a community is to change the heart of its Men”

One might wonder how Men’s Fellowship is any different from a Women’s Fellowship or for that matter any kind of Fellowship. After all, it would seem that fellowship, if done in service for the Lord is all the same regardless of gender or race of the individual serving.

The Men’s Fellowship develops men in Christian living to make an impact for this generation and those to come. In today’s context, it is increasingly important for men to honour God with their hearts and lives. We accomplish this mission through Bible study, Mission Trips and Special events.

Women's Fellowship

The Holy Cross Women’s Fellowship was established in 1976. Through the years the Fellowship has played an active role and contributed immensely to the growth of the Church. In 1995, we undertook the Pre-School Project of the KCD Women’s Fellowship and ran it successfully till 2009 after which it was handed over to the Church to manage. We are active in helping with the VBS in summer and organise the Food Stalls during Harvest Festivals. We have also jointly with the Men’s Fellowship, reached out to help others in need. We have organised retreats for the Youth Fellowship. We also, to a limited extent, provide funds for Children’s Education and help with any need of the Sunday School and the Pre-School. We have tried to make the Church environmentally conscious by equipping the church with Projectors and Screens to reduce paper usage and the expense of Xeroxing. Our recent effort has been to contribute Steel Plates to reduce the usage of paper plates in the Church. We meet every first Sunday of the month where we have a devotion conducted by a member, testimonies and prayer requests are shared. We also meet once every quarter on a Tuesday morning for a time of prayer and fellowship. As women of faith, we hope to be a blessing to others so that our Lord’s name will be glorified.

Youth Fellowship

The Holy Cross Church Youth Fellowship is an active group of young and dynamic members who have been involved in multiple church initiatives by the grace of God. We conduct retreats and Bible study sessions recognizing the importance of spiritual growth of the youngsters of our church. We also lead the Praise & Worship for the church on a monthly basis apart from helping out with singing sessions for Sunday School. In 2018, we also began joining our pastor in administering communion for the aged and sick members of the church, which has been an encouraging experience. We organize games during the annual Harvest Festival and volunteer with decorations for church events. Our youth also play an active role in VBS. 

In obedience to our Lord's command to love unconditionally, our youth visit orphanages and children's homes to spend time with their members conducting games and spending quality time with them. 

In 2018-19, the 75th Anniversary year of the church, the Holy Cross Church youth have produced an instrumental album that is available for download on this site.

Sunday School

The Sunday School of CSI Holy Cross Church has grown from its humble beginnings to what it is today one of the active wings of the church

We live in times where the world outside is uncertain, perilous and changing at a very fast pace. Given these conditions, Sunday School should act as one of those places where Children can create strong ties and friendships with peers and our Lord Jesus Christ & ofcourse our Sunday School is testimonial to this. Over and Beyond this, CSI Holy Cross Church Sunday School has key responsibilities that help fulfill in our children.

Ultimately, fostering & nourishing the kids is a sacred responsibility. To support this cause, we have dedicated staff, who prayerfully help the kids’ week after week in Singing, classes, storytelling. The classes are divided into Beginner, Primary, Juniors, Seniors & Teens. After initially 15 minutes of regular Church Service, kids break into their respective 45 minutes class devotion time. Post this everyone gathers for a time of general session.

During the general session, we have time of action songs singing, birthday celebrations, fun story time, games & this is for about 30 minutes.

The kids are taught the value of being part of the church activities & we thus take part in the Good Friday, Easter & Harvest celebrations. Sunday School Sunday is the day where our kids not only take part in the entire services, but also lead/ participate in the activities of the worship service

Talent week/ month is an activity where kids are encouraged to participate in different events like Dumb Charades, Elocution, painting/ drawing, fancy dress, debate, singing. The value of participating & a competitive spirit is inculcated in these young minds, the topics chosen also supplement the portions from Bible & help develop the kids for a more tougher challenge they might face as they grow into Youth

VBS is another exciting time for the kids., Our Sunday School takes active role in bringing various wings of the Church together & collectively work towards a week-long learning through games, fun, singing etc., Its also a time when our kids get an opportunity to meet up with folks from various neighborhoods & share the love of Christ with one another.

Pre School

The Pre-School program was initiated by the Holy Cross Church Women’s Fellowship in 1995. The objectives of the Pre-School program was to provide underprivileged children in the age group of 3-5 years an opportunity to have the pleasure of attending a school and learning in an environment of christian love and concern. This program was handed to over to the Church which currently administers it with financial support from the congregation. Each year about 25 students are admitted into the Pre-School. They are provided with a mid-day meal every day. They play, learn songs and are taught to recognise and write the alphabets and numbers. They do a presentation to the congregation during Christmas. They also participate in the Christmas Program for Pre-Schools organised by the KCD Women’s Fellowship every year. This mission that the Church has undertaken reaches out to the community through these little ones and it is truly an opportunity to put our christian love into action.